Kevin Ostafinski

I showcase your ideas to the web.

04 / 2020


React / Node / GraphQL / Apollo / MongoDB / styled-components

GoneRank is a platform tailored for OL looking for a solution to evaluate the performances of their players throughout the season.

Users have until the next matchday to submit their ratings for the latest played fixture. They have access to a ranking of players, exclusively based on the opinion of true supporters, and not based on the subjectivity of biased media sources.

09 / 2019


React / Redux / Firebase / styled-components

SnipLib is an online dashboard app that allows you to create your own library of snippets. Users are able to create code snippets in different languages, store and edit them.

01 / 2020


React / Node / GraphQL / Apollo / MongoDB / styled-components

Youtube doesn't offer the possibility to filter your feed. With a growing list of subscriptions, the experience becomes inevitably messy.

YouTheme is a youtube subscriptions sorter, which allows you to create custom feeds based on your own themes.

06 / 2019


React / Node / Redux / styled-components

Tripeo is an application that helps you anticipate weather along your trips. The user creates a roadmap of his trip and the app provides him with day-by-day forecasts.

04 / 2019


React / Redux / styled-components

Binge-Watcher is a web library that gives you access to informations on more than 500,000 movies.

From ratings and trailers, to casts and actors, it allows you to search for specific movies, by name or genre, and receive related recommandations.

Q. Are you currently available?

Yes, I'm currently looking for a full time position in Paris or work remotely as a Front-End / React developer. You can download my Resume.

Q. How do I contact you?

The best way of getting in touch is simply sending me an email. We can also exchange on LinkedIn.

Q. Can I see more of your code?

For more examples you can check out my Github profile.

Q. What are your goals for this year?

I'd like to get more comfortable with Typescript, improve the process and quality of my tests, and develop my design skills.